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Tanker Couplings


Couplings provide a quick and safe bulk liquid transfer system where product spillage could cause environmental issues leading to hazardous conditions in the surrounding areas. A coupling can be used on an ISO Container Tank, Road Tankers, Offshore and Marine Vessels, Rail Tanks.

Sealed couplers for liquid transfer to tank trucks increases operator safety and aid safer movement of petroleum or chemical liquids into tanker trucks, rail transport or cargo ships.

IFC Inflow provide a wide range of tanker Mann Tek Couplings, like hose couplings & adaptors, providing safety & durability in a variety of liquid handling situations. Our hose coupling options include petroleum tanker bottom loading couplers, bulk rail refuelling couplers, & the Mann-Tek dry disconnect coupling range which are suitable for handling various substances including hazardous chemicals.

We also offer Mann-Tek safety break couplers; these are designed to break in half & seal both sides when a break away occurs, which usually happen in drive off accidents.

All of our tanker couplings help prevent spillage & maintain environmental security.

Petroleum API Coupler

Our robust, reliable & cost-effective manual & semi-automatic API couplings are approved by all major oil companies for petroleum bottom loading.

Rail Flyte Coupler

Rail Refuelling Flyte Couplers are ideal for swift & efficient bulk rail fuelling requirements. The flexible design means they are interchangeable with all coupler types offering flow rates from 50-650 litres per minute.

Dry Disconnect Couplings

Suitable for use in a variety of loading & liquid handling environments including petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, solvents, & food. Our Mann-Tek dry disconnect couplings are interchangeable with couplers from manufacturers such as Todo & Avery Hardoll.

Safety Break Couplings

Prevents damage to loading & unloading equipment, hoses, & tankers in the event of premature pulling away accidents by intentionally breaking in half. They can be easily reset on-site.

Along with protecting the equipment, this effective safety break coupler ensures site safety from dangerous substance spillage.

With over 30 years’ experience in providing tanker couplings for many customers with a variety of different needs, we can help you ensure safe & efficient loading on your site with equipment that is cost effective & made to last.

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