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Joe Energy Move To Bottom Loading

In the Summer of 2022, IFC Inflow were approached by liquid fuels company Joe Energy to help with their move from top to bottom loading. Bottom loading significantly reduces the risk of fall from height related accidents compared to top loading, as it removes the need for workers to get on top of the tankers during loading operations. We were very happy to help Joe Energy with this mission to improve employee safety.

The company are known for delivering liquid fuels to the Gloucester area from their fuel depot located on the banks of the Sharpness canal. Prior to IFC’s involvement Joe Energy were relying on workers accessing the tops of tankers via tanker mounted ladders and a fixed gantry mounted railing for fall prevention safety. The company were looking to install a fast, safe and efficient skid on their site that would allow them to change to bottom loading, while maintaining their existing site mounted pumps. They also wanted to make sure their site was future fuel ready with the capacity for including HVO in their future loading operations.

The project was a little challenging due to the narrow loading area on the site. The skid needed to be tight against a bund wall. IFC proposed their AD100-4/5 – A high speed four arm skid capable of flowrates up to 1600 l/min c/w mechanical registers and preset counters. We also included an oversized frame with a space for a 5th arm. This kept the initial investment down but would allow Joe Energy to add the 5th line at a later date when they decide to add another product. We offered a turnkey solution including the installation of the skid, new pipework and all the electrical works to connect the skid the sites tanks and power supply.

Our technical team supplied a drawing of a skid design that we put together incorporating all of the elements specified in the initial brief. Joe Energy approved the design and we built the skid to order to their exact specifications. The skid was safely delivered to the site ready for installation. We planned a week for installation. The team attended site on Monday, the pipework and electrical work was completed by Wednesday and the skid was commissioned and up and running on the Friday.

As a result of our work Joe Energy are now able to complete all loading operations from the safety of ground level, having provided the facilities and equipment to eliminate any need for accessing the top of the tanker and risking any fall from height related accidents. Our work also helped to improve the efficiency of the site. Loading is also quicker due to the high speed meters, easier because of the spring balanced loading arms and cleaner with the addition of dry disconnect couplers.

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