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Bespoke Cement Tanker Access Solution For Aggregate Industries

Despite historically describing ourselves as Liquid Loading specialists, our team have worked extensively with the powders industry, consulting and advising on Fall Prevention solutions. For example, we recently completed a job for cement company Aggregate Industries. Their busy site in Tilbury Docks has many tankers loading and unloading every day, with workers needing to access the tops of the vehicles as a part of operations. Their existing Fall Prevention system utilized mobile solutions that were both inefficient and not up to the high standards of safety they were wanting to maintain on their site.

The process Aggregate Industries had in place involved moving the Fall Prevention system into place, accessing the top of the tanker to open the central lid used for loading before dismounting and finally being able to begin loading. Of course, the same safety procedures needed to be carried out after loading, with the Mobile Access platform needing to be moved back into place to allow workers to close the lid. This process was very time consuming and so Aggregate Industries sought IFC’s help to improve efficiency and increase their site’s loading capabilities.

After reviewing the site and establishing a good understanding of the process, our team recommended a fixed safety system with a gantry, folding stairs and safety cage. This would be a far safer and more efficient system than the one currently in place as a fixed gantry would allow the entire loading operation to be carried with the tanker remaining on the weighbridge.

This specific site presented a challenge in that the gantry needed to fit around the weighbridge but still be high enough to reach the tops of the tankers. All fixed safety systems supplied by IFC are designed bespoke around each project’s specific requirements, so we were able to incorporate this factor into the design. Our technical team included an intermediate platform into the design that was the height of the weighbridge and extended the full length of the tankers. This also resolved an additional safety risk that the company had identified, of drivers stepping out of the cab and standing directly on the weighbridge without the protection of railings or fall prevention solutions.

We were able to complete installation quickly and with minimal disruption on site. Aggregate industries were very happy with the safety system we installed as it massively improved site safety and efficiency.

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