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IFC Inflow Assist Refinery Operator With Bottom Loading Upgrade

Ongoing upgrade programme to replace the first generation torsion spring loading arms

Client: Midland Oil, BP
Industry: Refining and Integrated Energy
Site: Midlands, UK


BP, a UK-based refining and integrated energy company contacted IFC to assist them with an ongoing upgrade programme to replace the first generation torsion spring loading arms at their busy UK terminal.

The heavy maintenance that the old arms required was something the terminal was keen to reduce and wanted an effective and low-risk bottom loading upgrade. As well as offices all over the UK, they also have a large refinery in the Midlands, along with a substantial network of authorised distributors that supply oil to the domestic, farming, and light industry markets through Midland Oil.

IFC’s Solution

IFC’s solution was to advise a bottom loading upgrade. Our BLA445T terminal spec. bottom loading arm and BLA445VR bottom vapour return arm were ideal for this application. With low on-going maintenance and UK stock holding of complete arms and spares, we offered the best support with the most cost-effective solution for the required performance.

Our 445T loading arms are compression spring balanced to allow easy operation of a fully flooded arm and hose assembly. The 4” nominal bore arm allows flow rates of up to 2500 litres per minute for fast tanker filling.

The 3 part swivel joints allow easy manoeuvrable and guarantee the API coupler lines up correctly and within the required API envelope. With the addition of variable length adaptor spools, our terminal spec. loading arms ensure that only one size hose is required for all arms. The joints are also easy to maintain and service.

The BLA445T is completely operator oriented and is the ideal solution for petroleum bottom loading requirements such as bottom loading gantries and skids. It is carbon steel in construction with PTFE seals, making it compatible with all the fuels at the terminal.

This particular bay already had existing riser spools for the old arms, we were also asked to manufacture and supply varying size adaptor spools for the installation of each of the new arms.

Project Outcome

With the introduction of the new bottom loading upgrade the site chose to install, the new arms improved on-site maintenance call outs to engineers. The new safer, easy to use arms are now in use. With reduced manual handling and maintenance we are now working with the client on their next loading bay upgrade.

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