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Petroleum Tanker Loading Arms

Our range of Petroleum Tanker Loading Arms are available in both top and bottom loading specifications direct from IFC Inflow. These IFC designed loading arms are made to provide a fuel loading solution tailored to the customers’ requirements.

We have specially designed it to handle petroleum products such as petroleum spirit, diesel, kerosene, and gas-oil cleanly and easily. With bottom loading now being widely used or adopted for petroleum terminals and distribution depots, our main product within this range is our BLA445 bottom hose loader. The use of bottom loading for petrol tankers, as opposed to top loading of petroleum tanker trucks has become a safer option in many countries around the world. Bottom petrol tanker loading provides many benefits, including faster loading rates, simultaneous loading of multiple compartments, as well as tanker overfill monitoring using Scully monitoring racks, and the added safety of the operator not working at height.

Petroleum Tanker Loading Arms
Features and benefits

We design this loading arm for heavy-duty use at all types of petroleum loading facilities, such as terminals and distribution depots. Therefore, it is ideal for new applications requiring high performance at an acceptable cost or as replacement for first generation arms reaching the end of their life. In addition, here are some of the other features and benefits of our IFC ChemLoad:

  • Fully adjustable compression spring balanced, therefore it is for easy to use
  • Carbon steel construction, therefore guaranteeing long service life without corrosion
  • 3-part swivel joint for easy maintenance
  • High grade steel construction, so operation is improved
  • Easily replaced energised swivel joint product seals, as well as aluminium hose swivel elbow with control grip
  • Hard wearing epoxy paint finish as standard
  • Assembled, as well as tested in the UK
  • Full UK stock holding for assemblies and spares

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Petroleum Tanker Loading Arms

The technical details

Below you will find all the key details for our range of Petroleum Tanker Loading Arms. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please just get in touch.  Because, we are always happy to help and answer any queries you may have.


  • Type: 445 Suspended hose
  • Connection terminal side: 4in ANSI 150 RF
  • Connection vehicle side: 4in API coupling manual or semi-auto, Ali body, Viton Seals
  • Arm balance: Adjustable heavy duty compression spring in safety sealed tube cylinder

Flow and pressure

  • Flow rates: 2500 litre per minute maximum recommended 5.1 metres/second
  • Pressure: 10barG maximum
  • Temperature: -20°C/85°C
  • Pressure drop excluding API: @ 2500 litres/minute, specific gravity 0.8, 10 psi/0.7 bar


  • Base and fulcrum swivel joint: 4in 3 part carbon steel outer flange and body, 304SS inner race way.
  • Primary arm: 4in schedule 40 carbon steel
  • Balance assembly: Steel spring with threaded rod adjustment
  • Drop hose swivel: 3 part/4in aluminium flanged TTMA
  • 3 part swivel seals: Spring energised PTFE/PTFE o-ring
  • Drop hose: 4in composite type flanged TTMA – optional metallic/rubber

Optional Materials

  • Drop spool: 4in variable length aluminium flanged TTMA
  • Outboard swivel: 3 part/4in aluminium flanged TTMA

Relevant industries

Suitable for the following sectors

Bulk Tank

& Energy

Case Study
The Petroleum Tanker Loading Arms in action

Find out about how we helped Nustar with a loading arm upgrade replacement programme to renew their first-generation bottom loading arms.