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Safe And Flexible ISO Tanker Access For Chemical Company

In 2023, IFC Inflow were called to the site of a Chemical company in Southampton that were concerned about the safety of their staff loading their ISO tankers. The nature of the site meant the company had various tankers being loaded and unloaded in different locations, with operators being required to climb onto the backs of tankers in order to attach the hoses.

A recent health and safety review of the site had flagged this as a safety concern for the workers. Despite the site utilizing a bottom loading system, the working area being accessed to connect the hoses was over 1m off the ground, thus posing a fall hazard for operators and the potential for serious injury. They wanted to get an opinion from a Fall Prevention specialist on this matter and so called IFC in for a consultation on what options were available to them.

Our Business Development Manager Luke attended the site and agreed with the assessment that the current system presented a risk to worker safety and that fall prevention methods were necessary. Seeing as there were 8-10 locations across the site where loading and unloading operations were taking place, it was determined a Mobile solution would be the best option for the company.

Luke supplied the company with IFC’s innovative LowTank Mobile Access system, a portable ladder system with an attached safety cage, specifically designed to safeguard workers needing to access the backs of tankers. Despite requiring safe access in 8-10 locations across their site, the company are able to fulfill all of their safety needs with just 2 systems, as the unit can be easily moved wherever and whenever it is needed.

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