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Portable tanker access
ladder system

Our portable tanker access ladder system is designed to prevent falls from height when working on the back of ISO containers

Because we want our products to work for our customers, we designed LowTank in conjunction with major ISO tank operators. So, it incorporates the benefits of easy-to-use access steps and a fall prevention cage. Accordingly, it’s ideal for climbing onto the back of an ISO tank to access the bottom tank connection valve. As well as to connect loading and discharge equipment, such as hoses and loading arms. One person can operate it easily due to its high portability. Therefore, as you would expect, it meets all the latest Work at Height Regulations.

Portable tanker access ladder system
Features and benefits

LowTank has an integral three-rail safety cage that provides a safe working area while on the truck bed, thereby helping to prevent falls from height, associated with ISO tank operations. As well as this, other safety features include step handrails, castor wheels fitted with foot brakes and anti-slip stair treads. The equipment is designed for durability, with a zinc paint undercoat, as well as a high gloss paint finish, designed to last in the toughest outdoor location. Plus, here are some more features and benefits:

  • Fall prevention safety cage provides safe working area for operators

  • Lightweight and strong cage design ensures operator confidence

  • Spring loaded safety gate prevents tripping back down the stairs

  • Easily manoeuvrable by single operator

  • Extra wide stairs make carrying hoses or specialist PPE easy

  • Stairs have full handrail for additional support

  • Large solid rubber tyres, therefore providing excellent stability

  • Rear caster foot brakes for positive parking position

  • Safety clip carabiner cords and cables attach cage to ISO tank frame for added security

  • When used correctly meets all health & safety requirements for operator safety whilst working at height

  • No special tools required for site assembly

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Portable tanker access ladder system

The technical details

Below you will find all the key technical data and specification for our LowTank portable tanker access ladder system. Of course, if you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please just get in touch. Because, we are always happy to help and answer any queries you may have.


  • Frame and cage: Mild steel powder coated
  • Steps: Mild steel, open mesh, HD galvanised
  • Finish: Yellow paint
  • Castors: 200mm solid rubber


  • Top step height: 1140mm
  • Overall height: 3550mm
  • Safety cage area: 2060mm long x 2470mm wide
  • Access stair width: 800mm
  • Ground clearance: 90mm


The cage is designed to be free standing, with a wide base and swivel back castors. The wheel diameter is 200mm.


  • Safe single operator use
  • Rear castors fitted with foot-operated brakes
  • Spring loaded safety gate at top of steps
  • Forklift guides for transporting
  • Max. safe working weight limit: 150kg

Relevant industries

Suitable for the following sectors


Bulk Tank

& Beverage

& Inorganics

& Distilleries

Case Study
The portable tanker access ladder system in action

We recently completed a job for IG Doors, a door manufacturer supplying a range of markets with innovative and secure entry solutions. The company would have tankers on site, delivering paint/ chemicals to coat their doors, every few months or so. Their loading/ unloading process involved manoeuvring their hose to the top of the tankers in order to access the product. They were using the inbuilt tanker ladder and handrails to access the tops of the tankers, with workers carrying the heavy hose up and down with them. IG Doors identified this as a risk to worker safety and approached IFC Inflow for a solution.