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Adaptable Fall Prevention For International Spirit Manufacturer

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Our Breweries & Distilleries division recently helped distillery Benriach upgrade their Fall Prevention system to accommodate more tankers and increase the loading capacity of their site. The company have workers accessing the tops of tankers as a part of daily operations for the purposes of venting the tankers. As a result, they wanted to make sure they had a reliable and practical Fall Prevention system to make sure these operations can be carried out as safely and efficiently as possible.

Benriach had originally come to us for help improving their site safety a few years ago. On this occasion, we had supplied them with our TopTank safety system, a quick and easy to use mobile access solution that can be used anywhere on site. While this had been an effective solution for Benriach, a purpose-built fixed access gantry is a more effective option where possible. The site was in the process of expanding their operations, installing a new line for the distribution of whiskey, so this was the perfect time to upgrade their loading systems.

Benriach distribute the products they manufacture internationally, meaning tankers coming from all over Europe visit the site and load products. The varying origins of these tankers mean the vehicles have a wide variety of specifications, with differing sizes and tanker access points. This was the main factor that made this project challenging, as the system would need to be able to adapt and provide a safe environment atop every tanker that came through the site.

IFC’s recommendation was a fixed gantry with a 4m working platform and a 1.4m x 3m safety cage. The system would incorporate IFC’s FlowStep Sliding Folding Stairs to access the safety cage, our classic self-leveling folding stairs with the added element of a modular sliding rail which features a track mounted gangway. This would allow the stairs and attached safety cage to move along the length of the platform, meaning the system could be adjusted to fit any tanker regardless of size or specification.

After going over the proposal and the design with the client, our engineers were able to begin installation and had the system up and running within 3 days. All workers involved in loading tankers on site at Benriach now have a safe means of accessing and working on top of tankers. Not only has this significantly reduced the risk of fall from height related accidents taking place on site but workers are now able to work more efficiently as they have a space in which they can move and work freely while at height. The client were thrilled with the end result and our service through, providing us with the following feedback:

Can’t speak highly enough of the service on this from start to finish. Excellent design and drawings through to swift installation.

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