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Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valves

We provide a range of well engineered flow control valves for the petroleum sector, which are used for the precise control of liquid flow in tanker & rail car loading operations. Operated either electrically or pneumatically, the valves are controlled by electronic pre-set controllers or other types of control system.

Our flow control valves fall into two distinct categories: two stage control where the valve is either in a slow or full flow position, or digital flow control where the rate of valve opening is computer controlled for precise pre-set petroleum loading and a pre-defined flow rate.

The valves are designed to minimise the effects of fuel hammer or pressure shock on the loading system by providing slow rates of flow at the beginning and end of the loading cycle. All our valves are designed to work in hazardous Zone 1 areas & include automatic closure in the event of an emergency situation.

Effective & reliable flow management is vital as part of your depot automation provision, so talk to the professionals with over 30 years’ experience about the best type of flow control valves for your requirements.

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