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Electronic Loading Skids

We are a leading designer or electronic skid loading skids in the UK. harnessing new technologies in all of our designs and installations.

Widely used in the oil distributor market as a cost-effective replacement for outdated top loading equipment. Our electronic bottom loading skids offer the latest in electronic loading control, therefore providing the best opportunity for accurate stock control and loading management.

Electronic Loading Skids
Features and benefits

The primary advantage of electronic load computers over mechanical control is the ability to interface the skid to remote office based terminal automation software (TAS). So, this enables the highest level of loading control, report generation, and stock reconciliation. Because, even in stand-alone mode, electronic systems provide high levels of control with pin code access for driver and vehicle identification along with constant system monitoring, remote bill of loading printing, and on-screen report functionality.

The electronic batch controller accepts inputs from a range of equipment including flow meter pulse devices, temperature and pressure sensors, as well as the skid rack monitor. It controls the skid through outputs to the loading pumps, flow control valves, and emergency systems. In addition, here are some of the other features and benefits of our IFC Electronic Loading Skids.

  • Fully integrated fuel control systems – web-based monitoring and reporting
  • Earth grounding verification, therefore ensuring safe operation
  • Rugged and fully weatherproofed, so guaranteeing a long service life
  • Driver Identification systems for self-service options
  • Bespoke design for every single customer

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Electronic Loading Skids

The technical details

Below you will find all the key details for our range of Electronic Loading Skids. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please just get in touch.  Because, we are always happy to help and answer any queries you may have.


  • High flow rates up to 2400 litres per minute, per arm for fast tanker loading
  • 1 to 5 product loading arms as standard for optimum flexibility
  • High accuracy metering to +/-0.15% with high repeatability
  • PetroLoad 445 arms, therefore providing easy operation and movement
  • Earth grounding and high-level sensor verification ensures tanker is fully monitored while loading

Oil Depot Electronic Bottom Loading Skids

  • High accuracy, high speed positive displacement flow meters in 3in or 4in size, dependent on flow rate required
  • Electronic loading from a central “on skid” load computer with inbuilt tanker loading security that can be linked to a depot/terminal automation system
  • 4in bore, spring balanced, PetroLoad bottom loading arms, as well as durable hoses
  • As well as IFC swivel joints and a choice of manual or semi auto API couplings

Five Part Safety System Features

  • High level overfill prevention
  • Tanker earth monitoring
  • Vapour return with safety knock out
  • Centrally located emergency stop
  • Dry break coupling, so it prevents spill on disconnect

Optional Extras

  • On board or separate loading pumps
  • Hazardous area light bar
  • Weather canopy
  • Colour coded hose covers
  • Manual or semi auto API couplings

Relevant industries

Suitable for the following sectors

Bulk Tank

& Energy

Case Study
The Electronic Loading Skids in action

See how we designed and installed a new bottom loading skid for an oil distribution depot in Lincolnshire