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OLE Tank Gauges

OLE tank gauges, also known as level gauges, measure and monitor the liquid level or volume of a substance stored in a tank or vessel.

We supply the OLE Z5020 Tank Gauging System. This industry standard system provides the reliability, as well as the accuracy that we demand for our customers. The system continuously displays the tank level in litres on an easy-to-read back lit display. The sensors offer an accuracy of +/- 0.25% of the tank capacity, and the entire system is ATEX certified. The system keeps the site informed of the most important statistics about their tank including current contents, capacity, ullage and any active alarms.

OLE Tank Gauges
Features and benefits

Users can configure the OLE Z5020 Tank Gauging System unit with high and low-level alarms, as well as tank bund alarms. So, active monitoring of essential gauge signals is provided. The gauges are ideal for oil distribution depots, as well as small terminals, and users can configure the probes to fit tanks up to 20m high. Many tanks are in remote locations, or in areas inaccessible to office-based staff. Staff can remotely monitor the tanks via a web browser by fitting the OLE gauges with a T3100 GPRS-based web logger.

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OLE Tank Gauges

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OLE Tank Gauges

Below you will find the key features of the OLE Tank Gauges we offer. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please just get in touch.  Because, we are always happy to help and answer any queries you may have.


+/- 0.25% or better of tank volume.


  • Clear backlit display with simple visual and numerical data.
  • Litres display, percentage bar, and alarm status.


Can be configured for single or multiple tanks.


The OLE Tank Gauge comes with 2-year warranty, as well as low installation and maintenance costs.

Relevant industries

Suitable for the following sectors

Bulk Tank

& Energy

Case Study
The OLE Tank Gauges in action

K9 Fuels recently built a brand new oil distribution depot and as part of the investment they wanted to store product on site, which would help them increase the high level of service they already provided delivering heating oil and commercial/agricultural fuel to their customers in Lincolnshire. See how we helped.