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Folding Stairway

Folding Stairs Flow Step Range

Our Flow-Step range of folding stairs provide a safe way for your operators to access & work at height on rail or road tankers, & help to comply with current health & safety work at height regulations. Our folding stairway design provides a safe, efficient, & flexible tanker access solution.

Our folding stairway designs are available in a variety of specifications beginning with the standard 800mm wide version. These gantry stairs can be supplied as part of a larger top loading gantry installation or as an individual item for your existing tanker loading operations. They are easy to fit as an access solution for new installations or to existing gantries & platforms.

Self-levelling folding Stairs can be specified with a safety cage as part of a tanker truck fall prevention system, & we offer pneumatic power kits to reduce manual handling concerns, that use a simple up/down control.

Our Flow-Step range of self-levelling folding stairs have been developed & refined over several years, & form part of an effective & efficient fall prevention solution conforming to the latest best practices for work at height operations on road tankers, ISO tank trucks & tanker trucks. They are also spring balanced to make them easy to operate with the use of heavy duty spring cylinders & a pull rope which is used to help raise the stairs up.

Powered Folding Stairs

Bigger, heavier folding stairs, & those fitted with large safety cages may prove too heavy to operate manually. In these situations, we provide a simple yet effective pneumatic power kit that can take the stain for you.

The kit can be specified as part of a new folding stair installation, or can be fitted retrospectively if you decide at a later date you could do with some powered assistance. We can also help if some or all of your existing tanker truck fall prevention stairs were not originally supplied by us.

There may be manual handling health & safety issues for your staff operating our heavier tanker truck access stairs manually, so our pneumatic powered folding stair kit can help with those manual handling concerns, & can help to keep you on the right side of current legislation along with making your staff’s work that bit easier, & likely more efficient. A simple up/down lever is installed on the gantry or platform, & compressed air provides the power.

A spring balance system provides emergency back-up in the event of air loss, so safe operation & tank truck fall prevention is assured at all times.

Track Mounted Folding Stairway

Our track mounted folding stairs take our standard stairs, & mount them on a track, allowing them to slide along a gantry to make it easier to access the tanker at various positions. This makes our tanker truck access stairs ideal for when the manway access points & tanker length may vary, or in situations where it is not possible to position the tankers in exactly the same position.

The stairs roll along the track on maintenance free bearings for smooth operation & long life, & feature a safety lock brake so as to prevent the stairs moving when in position. The track is designed to be mounted to the front face of the gantry & can be supplied as part of a new gantry or in some instances retrofitted to an existing structure. The track mounted stairs are part of our tanker truck fall prevention range, & can be used with a safety cage.

Our track mounted stairs conform to the latest health & safety working at height regulations, & make for an ideal safe tanker truck access gangway solution. The tracks are available in 2m length increments & are available with 3 or 4 step standard stairs.

We are highly experienced in providing tank truck access stairs to suit the specific requirements of each customer, so call to discuss your needs & benefit from our 30 years’ knowledge.


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