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Total Tanker Safety Cages

Our Total Tanker Safety Cage Access System is designed to give full-length fall protection to operators who need to access the top of tankers, trucks, and rail cars.

Our full road tanker enclosure provides a safety cage that fully encloses the tanker loading and unloading area.  In contrast to our smaller FlowStep cages, the TTSC allows workers to operate in larger areas on the top of the vehicle. Therefore, making it perfect for situations when access to multiple manways is required. In addition, the TTSC accommodates various tanker configurations and the need to access multiple points along the tanker. It is particularly useful when accessing manways, fill points, vents, or other equipment atop the tanker, or when the site is unsure of the specific location of the manway along the tanker. So, by utilising the Total Tanker Safety Cage workers are protected regardless of the type of vehicle entering the yard. This therefore ensures fall prevention protection and enables workers to operate safely within the Working at Height Regulations.

Total Tanker Safety Cages
Features and benefits

The TTSC system is lightweight and durable. It comes complete with a set of our FlowStep folding stairs. For cage sizes up to 6m long, our sealed compression spring balance system allows manual operation. For cages longer than 6m, we recommend the use of our pneumatic power pack, which provides effortless control of the system from a single control station. The power pack is also ideal for removing any manual handling concerns with the operation of the stairs.

Pneumatic-powered actuation can be specified for the TTSC, enabling the cage to be lowered at the push of a button, which is perfect for situations where manual handling is a concern. We can also install a moveable access gate that slides into place when a shorter tanker is being operated on. This helps to keep staff safe when frequently switching between full-size road tankers and smaller ISO tanks. If you’re installing our TTSC alongside a loading arm, we can customise the cage to enable free movement of the loading arm over the vehicle. This makes life safer and easier for staff in charge of loading. Additionally, we can incorporate positional sensors that detect when the cage has returned to the home position, preventing staff from accessing the steps while they are in transit.

Here are some more features and benefits:

  • Fits our standard FlowStep range, therefore ensuring cost-effective package and reduced spares
  • Multiple tanker designs can utilise it.
  • The long cage allows for access to multiple points from a single entry point
  • Groove design in bottom cage rail, therefore allowing the cage to fit snugly to tanker top
  • Can fit to any existing gantry, as well as supplied with new
  • Compression spring balance allows for easy operation
  • Three-rail safety cage, therefore removing the need for harnesses
  • Available in 1.5m wide by 4m, 6m and 8m long
  • Tailor-made cage sizes for special applications
  • Optional lower rail extensions for added safety

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Total Tanker Safety Cages

The technical details

Below you will find all the key technical data and specification for our Total Tanker Safety Cages. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please just get in touch.  Because, we are always happy to help and answer any queries you may have.


  • Type: Large fall prevention cage allows operator access to whole tanker top
  • 3 rail large gauge aluminium safety cage provides safe working area with optional internal gates
  • Simple design ensures steps automatically adjust to varying tanker heights
  • Outrigger provides smooth action with maximum support
  • Adjustable spring balance for easy operator use (pneumatic power on larger models)
  • Hinged safety step to prevent accidental trapping of feet
  • Extended last step provides additional step area and greater stability
  • Foot operated parking brake and safety chain locks the stairs in various positions


  • Tanker top loading
  • Tanker inspection and maintenance
  • Load inspection and sampling
  • Tanker cleaning and decontamination
  • Venting
  • Tanker top Maintenance


Total Tanker Safety Cages adhere to the following safety and design standards

  • 98/37/EC machinery directive
  • EN ISO 14122-2/3/4 code of practice industrial stairs, etc
  • HSE guidelines on site based access to vehicle and prevention of falls from road tankers and tank containers enforcement standards

Optional Extras for the TTSC

  • Pneumatic control system for effortless operator control
  • Made to order special size cages in aluminium
  • Safety in-fill grating wings cover the gap between the edge of the last step and the sides of the safety cage
  • Positional sensors to track height of tanker and ensure stairs keep in contact with tanker top.
  • Loading arm cut-outs to make it easier to lift an arm over the cage
  • Internal compartment safety swing gates to adjust the working cage area to suit the tanker
  • Drive off protection key interlock system used in conjunction with traffic barriers or other types of vehicle immobilisers
  • Different stair parking angles
  • 4th bottom rail especially suitable for round barrel type tankers not fitted with top walkway

Relevant industries

Suitable for the following sectors


Cement, Powders
& Aggregates

Bulk Tank

& Beverage

& Inorganics

& Distilleries

Case Study
The Total Tanker Safety Cages in action

Find out about how we provided a pneumatically powered Total Tanker Safety Cage for a global chemical manufacturer in the UK