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Cost Efficient Solution For Expanding Oil Depot Product Range

We have recently found a lot of our customers are looking to expand their range of products to include future fuels such as HVO. For many, this is a necessary and inevitable step that needs to be taken in order to stay up to date with the demands of the fuelling industry. In the past growing product range for companies means large scale projects and great expense as entire new equipment needs to be installed specially.

This is precisely the situation oil distribution depot Your NRG found themselves in when they wanted to expand their product range from 3 to 4. The system in place on the site at the time was a three-arm bottom loading skid installed by IFC just a couple of years previously. As demand had changed amongst it’s local customer base, Your NRG were looking to expand their capabilities.

IFC were able to offer Your NRG our unique Skid Extension system, building on the company’s existing system to increase the loading capacity. Due to our knowledge of the system, we could provide a single arm skid extension to the existing skid. This allowed us to take advantage of the existing batch controller, Scully rack monitor and vapour recovery system, thus reducing the cost of the extra line.
We built the extension in our factory in Basildon, delivering it to site fully assembled and ready to be installed. Once the system was safely delivered, installation was simple with the extension being positioned and secured up against the existing skid. The equipment was connected into the existing control and the unit was up and running the next day.

Building on the existing system meant that not only did Your NRG save significantly on cost and space having removed the need for additional equipment, but also meant that no additional training was needed to use a new system or equipment. IFC’s work allowed Your NRG to increase their sales capacity with little disruption and minimum cost.

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