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Skid Extension System

Our unique skid extension system design attaches onto your existing skid, increasing your product range and loading capabilities of your site.

The rise of future fuels and the need for change is increasing, so energy companies have had to realign their systems to accommodate new energy sources. Often, taking the step to offer new fuel sources is a huge undertaking for companies, involving great expense and complex planning. IFC Inflow’s Skid Extension System avoids this, so companies can expand on the existing system to increase loading capabilities.

Skid Extension System
Features and benefits

Our unique design attaches onto your existing skid, therefore increasing your product range and the loading capabilities of your site. The additional loading arm and equipment are integrated seamlessly into the existing system, so loading operations can be up and running with minimal training or disruption to the site. In addition, they can be used to include future fuels such as HVO in your site’s capabilities

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Skid Extension System

Skid Extension System
The technical details

Below you will find all the key details for Skid Extension System. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please just get in touch.  Because, we are always happy to help and answer any queries you may have.


  • High accuracy, high speed positive displacement flow meters in 3in or 4in size, dependent on flow rate required
  • 4in bore, spring balanced, PetroLoad bottom loading arms complete with durable hoses, as well as IFC swivel joints and a choice of manual or semi auto API couplings

Flow and Accuracy

  • High flow rates up to 1600 litres per minute, per arm for fast tanker loading
  • High accuracy metering to +/-0.15% with high repeatability


  • Chemical Loading Skids
  • Special Project Loading Skids
  • Mechanical Loading Skids
  • Electronic Loading Skids


  • All equipment fully assembled and tested on a heavy duty, corrosion resistant galvanised steel frame. Therefore, allowing for easy on site placement and future site adjustment or movement
  • Supplied turnkey, so they are ready to operate with minimal on-site disruption

Relevant industries

Suitable for the following sectors

Bulk Tank

& Energy

Case Study
The Skid Extension System in action

See how we helped Your NRG with our unique Skid Extension system, building on the company’s existing system to increase the loading capacity.