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Flexible Access Solution For Paints & Coatings Tanker

We recently completed a job for IG Doors, a door manufacturer supplying a range of markets with innovative and secure entry solutions. The company would have tankers on site, delivering paint/ chemicals to coat their doors, every few months or so. Their loading/ unloading process involved manoeuvring their hose to the top of the tankers in order to access the product. They were using the inbuilt tanker ladder and handrails to access the tops of the tankers, with workers carrying the heavy hose up and down with them. IG Doors identified this as a risk to worker safety and approached IFC Inflow for a solution.

Our advice to Top Loading sites needing to access the tops of tankers is always that, when possible, a fixed solution such as a purpose-built gantry is the safest and most efficient option. However, this site was primarily for manufacturing doors and were only getting tankers on site once in a while. Having assessed the site and their operational needs, we concluded the best solution would be an all-in-one mobile access solution that could be stored away and moved in place as and when needed. We recommended our TopTank mobile loading ladder consisting of a heavy-duty aluminium ladder fitted with a height-adjustable three-rail fall prevention safety cage and mounted to an easy to manoeuvre mobile steel support frame.

The stairs are easy to use for a single operator without the need for vehicles or other towing equipment, making them ideal for small operations. IG Doors opted for our largest size cage to ensure maximum manoeuvrability for workers when completing at height operations. The company were very happy with the result as they are now safeguarding their workforce against falls and minimising the risk of accidents occurring on site.

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