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Hi Speed 2 Arm Bottom Loading Skid For MTBE & Methanol In Qatar

CLIENT: Qatar Fuel Additives Co Ltd

SITE: Doha  Qatar


IFC designed and supplied QAFAC with our ADE150-2 Hi speed bottom loading skid fitted with Contrec electronic batch control.

This skid features the M150 4in Accu-Flow positive displacement flowmeters fitted with pulse transmitters. This is capable of flow rates up to 2700 L/min and accuracy fully capable of meeting custody transfer standards.

The skid came with 4in model 445 bottom loading arms; pneumatic powered flow control, and emergency stop valves. Various drain ports and high capacity mono strainers were fitted to minimise shutdown time during maintenance.

Although the unit was fully factory tested IFC also provided a service engineer to attend the site during the commissioning phase.

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