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IFC Provide Mitchell & Webber With Second Bottom Loading Skid

Addition of new bottom loading skid at the Holesworthy depot


Mitchell & Webber have been supplying heating oil across both Cornwall and Devon for over 100 years. They also provide additional home heating support services including boiler servicing and domestic heating oil storage tanks for homes in Devon, Cornwall and surrounding areas.

They recently acquired a new site in Tiverton – Devon and were looking to mirror their operations with the addition of a new bottom loading skid as supplied in 2011 at their Holesworthy Depot.

IFC Solution

IFC were the first choice for Mitchell & Webber to supply yet another brand new 3 arm bottom loading skid complete with pumps on board. After 2 years of hassle-free service, the first skid we supplied vastly improved loading times enabling a faster turnaround to meet the needs of their customers during the winter season.

With the ever-growing demands for winter fuel supplies such as heating oil, it was time to improve operations further by opening a new depot to allow an increase in sales and faster delivery times of their fuel products across the southwest.

With the acquisition of a site in Tiverton, the same high-speed model ADP100-3 was chosen. This 3 arm model capable of flow rates of 1600 L/min was fitted with 3 x 445 loading arms, 3 x 4in Acuflow flowmeters fitted with Veeder Root mechanical preset, counter and ticket printer with the addition of 3 x high speed 11kW pumps fitted onboard.

Our 7 point safety system fitted as standard incorporates vapour recovery, tanker earthing and monitoring with auto shut down, vapour return and venting system with tanker overfill protection, integrated pressure relief system, batch control, and skid-mounted emergency shut off button.

Our safety system protects the operator, tanker, and skid from any risks associated with bottom tanker loading. The skid also comes with an optional weather canopy to protect the operator and equipment from the elements. Our skids come completely fitted out and ready to operate as soon as they are delivered to the site and are suitable for ATEX zone-1 hazardous areas.

The 3 bottom loading arms were protected by colour-coded sleeves to ensure they could withstand the harsh winter weather thus extending the life of each hose pipe. The colour coding also helps with identifying the different types of fuel from each hose. The internationally recognised colour codes include blue for kerosene, yellow for diesel and brown for gas oil. The driver or operator can now easily identify the correct hose for the correct fuel to load into the tanker.

Project Outcome

The bottom loading skid was supplied well within the client’s timeframe and budget with delivery made before the groundworks were complete on site.  The skid was successfully installed in time and was in service allowing the depot to open before the busy winter period.

Robert Weedon – Managing Director of Mitchell & Webber commented ‘We commissioned the first IFC skid unit and from then on it worked without fault. I was so impressed that we had no reservations in placing an order for a second skid- truly a well-built, reliable piece of vital equipment’

First image shows skid installed at the new Tiverton depot prior to commissioning and balancing of the loading arms.

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