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Scully Overfill Prevention Systems

Overfilling tankers is a leading cause of environmental damage, loss of earnings, and increases risk in filling areas. We can help prevent this with Scully Overfill Prevention Systems.

nnWe offer leading US brand Scully’s overfill protection systems, because their expertly designed overfill prevention systems build on years of experience in the petroleum industry, making them safe, accurate, and reliable.  In addition, we can provide dedicated expert support to help choose the correct equipment for your individual application.

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Features and benefits

The high-level overfill protection system monitors the two-wire, as well as the five-wire optic vehicle sensors. Each tanker compartment integrates these sensors. When a high-level event occurs, the monitor signals the system to shut down.  Therefore preventing overfilling while maintaining tanker integrity and avoiding environmental contamination. In addition, other benefits of overfill protection include:

  • Protect staff, as well as equipment by preventing overfilling
  • Overfill prevention, even on older or non-standard vehicles
  • Incorporates a vapour recovery systems, therefore increasing safety
  • Constantly monitor for tanker earthing status
  • Mitigate electrostatic discharge preventing fires

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Scully Overfill Prevention Systems

Loading Management
Scully Overfill Prevention Systems

Below you will find a selection of the Scully Overfill Prevention Systems we offer. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please just get in touch.  Because, we are always happy to help and answer any queries you may have.


The Intellitrol® 2 rack monitor offers a complete system for monitoring tanker loading, providing both earth grounding and overfill prevention for bottom-loaded tankers. It comes with integrated ground verification, high-level sensor monitoring and optional vehicle identification. Featuring Dynacheck®, Scully’s continuous self-checking circuitry. Designed for use in hazardous zones.


The ST-35C is designed for monitoring and controlling the loading of multi-compartment tank vehicles. It is utilised for monitoring 2-wire and 5-wire optic or standard thermistor liquid level probes. It can monitor bottom and top loading. Designed for mounting at the tanker loading station, it provides a system control signal that operators can use to shut down the loading in case of an overfill. It holds approval for use in hazardous areas and is ATEX certified.


Single point overfill sensors for use in bottom loading applications where fixed compartment sensors are not available. Ideal for industries including distilleries, refineries and chemical industries. They provide liquid level monitoring by determining when the liquid product has reached a predetermined level in the tank compartment – widely used for monitoring the filling of ISO tanks.


The system monitors the liquid levels of tankers being filled with chemicals and other aggressive liquids. The stainless steel optic sensors mount in the tank compartment and collaborate with our range of site-based monitoring systems. The sensor is applicable for general-purpose road tankers, ISO tanks, rail cars, and other mobile bulk liquid storage applications.

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Case Study
The Scully Overfill Prevention Systems in action

See how we provided a full design, manufacture and installation solution incorporating our electronic bottom loading skid, a tank off-set fill point cabinet, an electronic tank gauge system for three tanks with remote web access and all the on site electrical and mechanical pipework to an oil distribution company.