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Total Tanker Safety Cage For Global Chemical Manufacturer

Total Tanker Safety Cage

Installation of pneumatically powered Total Tanker Safety Cage

Client: Major chemical manufacturing company
Industry: Chemicals
Site: West Midlands, UK


A pneumatically powered Total Tanker Safety Cage was required for a global chemical manufacturer in the UK. The client is a leading global manufacturer and developer of specialty resins, chemical intermediates, and solutions. These are critical to the performance and quality of industrial goods and consumer goods.

The company is situated in 10 countries, with over 2,700 employees, and customers in more than 90 countries.


A major chemical manufacturing and distribution facility in the West Midlands, England, UK

Client Requirements: 

Our client wanted to upgrade their tanker access stairs and safety cage on one of their loading stations. The safety cage they had was small and did not allow all operations to be completed without moving the tanker. This added time and operational complexities to the loading and unloading of tankers. The site faced both safety and operational issues.

IFC’s Solution:

IFC Tanker fall prevention systems are geared towards combining safe tanker access while working at height in an efficient and flexible manner. We designed a large 6m long x 1.5m wide fall prevention pneumatically powered Total Tanker Safety Cage which would easily mount onto one of our standard folding stair units and was able to be installed onto their existing gantry structure.

The system was pneumatically powered to make it easy to operate, helping alleviate any manual handling concerns. The large truck safety cage provided fall prevention and allowed the operator to safely work all over the top of the tanker. An internal safety gate was fitted to the cage to allow smaller tankers to also be accessed by cutting down the working area of the cage.

Project Outcome:

Working hand in hand with the client we put forward the initial design for the pneumatically powered Total Tanker Safety Cage and then made alterations from their feedback.

This way, the final approved system was exactly what the client needed. We were also tasked with installing and commissioning the equipment, which we accomplished over a planned weekend shutdown. The system was up and running on time.

This system is now providing efficient and safe tanker access for its operators, making the whole operation faster and safer.

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