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Track Mounted Folding Stairs

The Track mounted folding stairs version of FlowStep incorporates our popular folding stair and cage system into a modular sliding rail which features a track mounted gangway

The Track Mounted Folding Stairs system comes with gantry-mounted lockable swing gates installed at intervals in the railings, therefore allowing tanker access no matter where the tanker is positioned. So, the entire cage and stairs can be moved by hand with very little effort and runs smoothly on heavy-duty bearings. Once in position, a locking bolt is set by the operator, preventing the system from sliding when in use. In addition, the stairs operate as usual, allowing easy access to tankers of varying heights.

Track Mounted Folding Stairs
Features and benefits

This safe access Track Mounted Folding Stairs are a modular system available in 4m sections, therefore allowing it to be mounted to almost any length gantry. Our track-mounted stairs conform to the latest health and safety working at height regulations and therefore make for an ideal safe tanker truck access gangway solution to ensure a safe working environment. In addition, here are some more features and benefits:

  • Multiple access points from a single folding stair
  • Manual operation is simple and easy
  • The lightweight cage allows safe work at height
  • Modular design for maximum flexibility
  • Optional positional sensors, as well as gate interlocks

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Track Mounted Folding Stairs

The technical details

Below you will find all the key technical data, as well as the specification for our Flow Step Track Mounted Folding Stairs. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please just get in touch. Because we are always happy to help and answer any queries you may have.


Type: Self-levelling

  • No of steps: 3, 4, or 5 as standard
  • Max reach in horizontal: 1250mm to 2050mm
  • Width of steps: 800mm
  • Balance: Adjustable heavy duty compression springs
  • Parking vertical: spring loaded foot pedal
  • Along with adjustable chain parking


  • Material/finish: Mild steel, fully galvanised
  • Main bearing: Sealed water-tight with grease point
  • Pivot points: Teflon bushed
  • Tanker protection: Bottom step fitted with rubber bumper bar


Standard Step Sizes

  • 800mm wide, 3 steps with 1250mm horizontal reach
  • 800mm wide, 4 steps with 1650mm horizontal reach
  • 800mm wide, 5 steps with 2050mm horizontal reach

Standard Safety Cages Sizes

  • 800 mm wide steps: 1400 x 1400, 1400 x 2800, 1400 x 4000 (aluminium)
  • In addition, for larger cage sizes, see IFC Total Tank Safety Cage Systems

Optional Extras

  • Pneumatic control system, which allows for greater operator safety and control
  • Made to order special size cages in stainless steel or aluminium
  • Safety in-fill grating wings cover the gap between the edge of the last step and the sides of the safety cage
  • Positional sensors to track height of tanker, so ensuring the stairs keep in contact with tanker top
  • Loading arm cut-outs, therefore making it easier to lift an arm over the cage
  • Internal compartment safety swing gates to adjust the working cage area to suit the tanker
  • Drive off protection key interlock system used in conjunction with traffic barriers or other types of vehicle immobilisers
  • Different stair parking angles
  • 4th swivel bottom rail especially suitable for round barrel type tankers not fitted with top walkway

Relevant industries

Suitable for the following sectors


Cement, Powders
& Aggregates

Bulk Tank

& Beverage

& Inorganics

& Distilleries

Case Study
The Track Mounted Folding Stairs in action

See how we created a safer work environment for employees at BIP by designing and installing a fixed loading gantry, complete with folding stairs and safety cage. Therefore offering safe access and fall prevention for cleaning operations.