Positive Displacement Flow Meters

AcuFlow Bulk Flow Meters

Acuflow is our own range of bulk flow meters suitable with oil & petrochemical products. They are ideal for the bulk metering of oils & fuels into road tankers. They are also used for many other applications including boat, train, mining, & plant refuelling, along with a range of industrial uses.

Made to the highest standards for maximum ruggedness & durability, they are available in sizes ranging from 1-1/2in right up to a high capacity 6in model, providing flow rates ranging from 25 to 3000 litres per minute. With an accuracy range of +/- 0.15% & consistent repeatability our PD Meters make for the ideal choice for the metering of fuels & oils.

These bulk flow meters come with mechanical registers or counters as standard. They have a resettable display & a non-resettable totalizer. There are numerous options available, including the addition of a mechanical printer to record a specific measured amount, & a pre-set counter enabling batch metering to be performed.

Other options include air eliminators & air check valves for more accurate measurements, micro switches which can be linked to pump or valve controls, & pulse generators for integrating into existing fuel control or building management systems.

There is also an electronic register/pre-set option with delivery, totaliser & pre-set volumes all available from the backlit display. The electronic version also provides optional temperature compensation.

All of our Positive Displacement flow meters are suitable for use in hazardous areas & where necessary have all the relevant hazardous area approvals.

Our Acuflow range of PD meters have been developed over our 20 plus years’ in the industry & provide a flexible & cost-effective fuel metering solution.


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