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Nustar Terminal In Scotland Choose IFC For Loading Arm Replacement

Loading arm upgrade to replace first generation loading arms

Client: Nustar Energy L.P
Industry: Independent Liquids Terminal and Pipeline Operator
Site: Clydebank Petroleum Terminal, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Nustar Energy L.P is a global terminal operator with 84 tank terminal facilities for the storage and distribution of crude oil, refined products and speciality liquids.

Along with 6 terminals in the UK they also have operations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands & Turkey. Nustar needed a loading arm upgrade to replace the first generation loading arms at one of their busy UK terminals.

IFC’s Solution

Nustar chose IFC Inflow for the loading arm upgrade replacement programme to renew their first-generation bottom loading arms. We recommended our BLA445T terminal spec. bottom loading arm and our BLA445VR bottom vapour return arm. The 445 is completely operator oriented and is the ideal solution for petroleum bottom loading requirements, such as bottom loading gantries and skids.

It is carbon steel construction with PTFE seals, making it compatible with all the fuels at the terminal. It is compression spring balanced to allow easy operation of a fully flooded arm and hose assembly. The 4” nominal bore arm allows flow rates of up to 2500 litres per minute for fast tanker filling. The 3 part swivel joints allow easy manoeuvrability and guarantee the API coupler lines up correctly.

The joints are also easy to maintain and service. The loading arm upgrade provided the most cost-effective solution for the required performance. With the reduced on-going maintenance and our UK stock holding of complete arms and spares, we ensured the best support.

Project Outcome

Nustar Clydebank and Grangemouth Terminal engineer Neil Woodley commented, “We needed a reliable and cost-effective replacement for our first-generation loading arms, along with good technical support from the supplier. With IFC we are happy we made the right choice on both accounts. In fact, we have already placed orders with IFC for the next phase of the project of loading arm upgrade.”

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