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Loading Arms

We offer a range of top and bottom loading arms for commercial applications. Providing safe and economical solutions for the liquid loading of road tankers, rail tankers, and ISO tanks.

Our loading arms can be incorporated into a variety of loading skids or custom loading systems, and come in a choice of materials. Choose from aluminium, carbon or stainless steel depending on your business needs. We provide a range of configurations, each of which offers a different kind of utility and function, including boom, variable reach top loading and standard bottom loading.

All of our top-loading arms can be used for open loading, semi-opening loading and closed loading. This makes sure to eliminate spills and provide a longer-lasting solution to the transfer process. We also offer a range of bottom loading solutions designed for petroleum and chemical truck loading. This is an inherently safer way to handle liquids, as loading operations can be carried out at ground level. Bottom loading also benefits from faster loading times, a reduction in static charge, safer vapour management, and overfill protection.