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Vertical Level Safety Cages

The Vertical Level Safety Cage is an evolution of the TTSC and makes use of technology to increase safety levels and ease of operation

The Vertical Level Safety Cages’ unique tipping feature angles the cage to accommodate and access the top of inclined tanker designs. This therefore ensures that the gap between the cage and tanker is minimised all the way along the tank length for safe tanker filling and maximum fall protection. Mounted to a gantry or platform, the entire cage lowers pneumatically over the top of a tanker, therefore providing workers with full fall prevention along the length of the tanker. The VertiLev safety cage allows workers to operate along the length of the vehicle without the risk of falling and without the need for fall arrest equipment such as harnesses or lanyards.

Vertical Level Safety Cages
Features and benefits

Manufactured in Europe and designed to withstand the most challenging environments, the VertiLev offers safety, flexibility and control in a complete package. So, our vertical level safety cages are suitable for all types of chemical tanker loading and access situations. As well as providing access to non-hazardous tankers and ISO tanks where fall prevention and operator safety are paramount. Movable internal gates are also available as an option. These gates are fitted at both or either end of the cage and can be set to cut the cage size down, allowing smaller tankers to be safely accessed by staff. In addition, an optional walkway can be mounted to the inboard side of the tanker truck loading cage. This allows operators to walk along the cage, so they only have to access the tanker top at the required point, reducing slip and trip risks.

In addition, here are some more features and benefits:

  • Angled cage design, therefore accommodating all tanker designs
  • Full-length access to tankers ensures fast efficient operations
  • Pneumatic control reduces manual handling
  • Available up to 12m long covers all current tanker lengths
  • Range of options to suit client needs
  • Available in various lengths up to 8m

Take a look at the VertiLev
Vertical Level Safety Cages

The technical details

Below you will find all the key technical data and specification for our Vertical Level Safety Cages. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please just get in touch.  Because, we are always happy to help and answer any queries you may have.


  • Type: Robust 3 rail cage system provides total fall prevention
  • Access gantry with wide staircase, handrailing and anti-slip open mesh grating
  • Accommodates all tanker types
  • Cage tips to allow for inclined tanker heights
  • Effortless pneumatic control via weatherproof panel with toggle controllers
  • Soft stop pneumatic sensors prevent tanker damage
  • Optional sliding internal gates available


  • Material of construction: European designed and manufactured in carbon steel and aluminium
  • Finish: Standard anti-corrosion finish hot dip galvanised to EN ISO 1461

Safety Standards

The IFC VertiLev Platform complies with the Following Safety/Design Standards

  • EN ISO 14122-2/3/4 code of practice industrial stairs/etc
  • 98/37/EC machinery directive
  • HSE guidelines for on site based access to vehicle
  • HSE Tank containers enforcement standards
  • HSE Prevention of falls from road tankers
  • EN 1090

Optional Extras

  • Inboard walkway running full length of safety cage
  • Manual operated inboard barriers, with brake lock
  • Pneumatic operated inboard barriers with brake lock, as well as safety park detection
  • Pneumatic operated outboard and inboard wings
  • Pneumatic safety gate interlock on folding stairs prevents entry onto the tanker until cage is in place
  • Pneumatic operated barriers, therefore offering drive off protection
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Flip-up floor panels

Relevant industries

Suitable for the following sectors


Cement, Powders
& Aggregates

Bulk Tank

& Beverage

& Inorganics

& Distilleries

Case Study
The Vertical Level Safety Cages in action

We were very happy to help the Essex based specialty minerals provider Imerys Aluminates improve the safety of their loading site. The company were previously relying on mounted handrails and risky fall arrest solutions such as ropes, as well as harnesses to safeguard their employees. See the solution we designed here.