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Efficient HVO Loading Solution for UM Terminals

A lot of our customers are investing in equipment and infrastructure to support Future Fuels at the moment. This was the case for a project we recently took on with UM Terminals who were looking for a 1 arm skid suitable for loading HVO. The client were prioritizing efficiency and so high flow rates were […]

Major Chemical Company Seek Specialist Loading Arm

We recently completed a project for a large-scale Chemical Manufacturer, helping streamline their loading operations. They were looking at ways to reduce manual handling on site and reduce risks of leaks and spillages. We were called to their site where they were loading and unloading several ISO tankers daily with a butadiene liquid. The existing […]

Joe Energy Move To Bottom Loading

In the Summer of 2022, IFC Inflow were approached by liquid fuels company Joe Energy to help with their move from top to bottom loading. Bottom loading significantly reduces the risk of fall from height related accidents compared to top loading, as it removes the need for workers to get on top of the tankers […]

International Chemical Company Reimagines Loading System

IFC Inflow were invited to a composite and coating company in Mitcham to help improve the safety and efficiency of their loading operations. While the company were using a bottom loading system to load their tankers, avoiding any risk of fall from height related accidents, the heavy hoses were posing a risk to employee safety. […]

Hi Speed 2 Arm Bottom Loading Skid For MTBE & Methanol In Qatar

CLIENT: Qatar Fuel Additives Co Ltd SITE: Doha  Qatar IFC SOLUTION IFC designed and supplied QAFAC with our ADE150-2 Hi speed bottom loading skid fitted with Contrec electronic batch control. This skid features the M150 4in Accu-Flow positive displacement flowmeters fitted with pulse transmitters. This is capable of flow rates up to 2700 L/min and […]

Global Chemical Manufacturer Approach IFC For Top Loading Upgrade

Site programme for chemical top loading plant upgrade Overview A leading global chemical manufacturer based in the North East of England approached IFC to assist them with upgrading their old chemical loading facility. The company specialises in the production of acrylics including the industry-leading brand Perspex. In a site upgrade programme at their plant, they required […]

Sugar Manufacturer Require Loading Arm & Safe Tanker Access

One of the leading producers of sugar in the UK approached IFC and asked them to come up with a new system to safely and cleanly load molasses into road tankers using pneumatic powered top loading arm at one of their major processing factories. Molasses is a syrup by-product of the production process. The site at British Sugar recognised […]

Nustar Terminal In Scotland Choose IFC For Loading Arm Replacement

Loading arm upgrade to replace first generation loading arms Client: Nustar Energy L.PIndustry: Independent Liquids Terminal and Pipeline OperatorSite: Clydebank Petroleum Terminal, Glasgow, Scotland, UK Overview Nustar Energy L.P is a global terminal operator with 84 tank terminal facilities for the storage and distribution of crude oil, refined products and speciality liquids. Along with 6 terminals in the […]

Design A Rail Car Loading System In Romania

System to safely transfer fuel & oil from one type/size of rail tanker to another Client: TVMIndustry: RailSite: Lasi, Romania Overview Bucharest based company TVM provides services for the loading and unloading of rail car based goods in Romania. They wanted to provide a system to safely transfer fuel and oil from one type/size of […]

IFC Inflow Assist Refinery Operator With Bottom Loading Upgrade

Ongoing upgrade programme to replace the first generation torsion spring loading arms Client: Midland Oil, BPIndustry: Refining and Integrated EnergySite: Midlands, UK Overview BP, a UK-based refining and integrated energy company contacted IFC to assist them with an ongoing upgrade programme to replace the first generation torsion spring loading arms at their busy UK terminal. […]