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Multi Level Fall Prevention System Increases Safety At Chemical Company

Installation of a MultiLev – Multi Level Platform (MLP) Client: Global Chemical CompanyIndustry: ChemicalsSite: UK Overview A global chemical company with worldwide manufacturing and distribution plants including sites in the UK and Europe wanted to speed up their tanker loading operations, whilst increasing the level of safety for their operators when accessing and working on […]

Adaptable Fall Prevention For International Spirit Manufacturer

fixed gantry

Our Breweries & Distilleries division recently helped distillery Benriach upgrade their Fall Prevention system to accommodate more tankers and increase the loading capacity of their site. The company have workers accessing the tops of tankers as a part of daily operations for the purposes of venting the tankers. As a result, they wanted to make […]

Irish Chemical Manufacturer Increases Site Capacity With New Tanker Loading Bay

Chemical Tanker Loading Bay

IFC Inflow was recently called to the site of an Irish Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor in Shannon, Republic of Ireland. The customer was installing a new chemical tanker loading bay and wanted our help to make sure it was as safe as possible for workers accessing the tops of tankers to carry out loading operations. […]

Sliding Folding Stairs Provide Safe Chemical Tanker Access To Waste Treatment Company

Folding stairs for a chemical tanker

We were approached by waste treatment and transfer station, BIP Environmental. BIP handle multiple hazardous and non-hazardous products used by their customers. Tankers visiting their site require regular and thorough cleaning in order to avoid contamination when loading in new chemicals. Workers are required to get on top of the tankers when carrying out cleaning […]

Flexible Access Solution For Paints & Coatings Tanker

We recently completed a job for IG Doors, a door manufacturer supplying a range of markets with innovative and secure entry solutions. The company would have tankers on site, delivering paint/ chemicals to coat their doors, every few months or so. Their loading/ unloading process involved manoeuvring their hose to the top of the tankers […]

Bespoke Cement Tanker Access Solution For Aggregate Industries

Despite historically describing ourselves as Liquid Loading specialists, our team have worked extensively with the powders industry, consulting and advising on Fall Prevention solutions. For example, we recently completed a job for cement company Aggregate Industries. Their busy site in Tilbury Docks has many tankers loading and unloading every day, with workers needing to access […]

Safe And Flexible ISO Tanker Access For Chemical Company

In 2023, IFC Inflow were called to the site of a Chemical company in Southampton that were concerned about the safety of their staff loading their ISO tankers. The nature of the site meant the company had various tankers being loaded and unloaded in different locations, with operators being required to climb onto the backs […]

Cost Efficient Solution For Expanding Oil Depot Product Range

We have recently found a lot of our customers are looking to expand their range of products to include future fuels such as HVO. For many, this is a necessary and inevitable step that needs to be taken in order to stay up to date with the demands of the fuelling industry. In the past […]

Award Winning Fall Prevention Solutions For Essex Based Minerals Provider

We were very happy to help the Essex based specialty minerals provider Imerys Aluminates improve the safety of their loading site. The company were previously relying on mounted handrails and risky fall arrest solutions such as ropes and harnesses to safeguard their employees. Relying on personal protective methods such as this are not as safe […]

William Grant & Sons Seek Gantry For Safe Tanker Loading

Client: William Grant & Sons Ltd Industry Sector: Food & Beverage William Grant & Sons Ltd are a family-owned distiller and distributor of premium spirits. Their brands are known and loved around the world such as Glenfiddich, Sailor Jerrys and Hendrick’s Gin. We had the honour of working with this company on a Fall Prevention project in […]